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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American News Media Gives More Press To Charlie Sheen Than Wall Street Protesters

At least that's the assessment given by The United Kingdom's THE REGISTER in a related story that Yahoo was blocking emails regarding the demonstration.

One has to wonder why America's news media has it's collective head so far up Corporate America's ass that many have not heard of the citizen protests on New York City's Wall Street that have been going on for about 4 days now.

The protest is on-going- according to (foreign) news reports and some arrests have been made- as shown in a YouTube clip below.

I have seen absolutely NOTHING on this protest on national newscasts- but have seen plenty of other non-news schlock (like the Charlie Sheen garbage).

Even CNBC- which has cameras and reporters on the stock exchange floor mere feet from the protests- to my knowledge- haven't covered them (I have them on daily too).

Hey CNBC- stick a camera out the frigging front door for God's Sake!

Here's yet Example #691 how America's "free press" is absolutely failing the citizens- and it's the reason I spend hours reading different Internet sources to find- and pass on to you- what passes for The Truth these days of news media spin.

1 comment:

Superdave said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it's called don't piss off the hand that feeds ya. (Corporate America)

They have to because the hand that use to feed them no longer reads them.