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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kansas City MO's 2nd Triple Homicide in 48 Hours

Six people dead by gunshot since noon Sunday...

Today's scene of carnage was in the 5500 block of Jaudon and the killings occurred during the 5 a.m. hour.

East Zone police officers found 2 men and a woman dead in a home on Jaudon.

There is no suspect information on the latest killings.

Sunday afternoon- Center zone patrol officers found 3 men "executed gangland-style" in an apartment building in the 900 block of East Linwood Boulevard.

Police have 5 "persons of interest" in custody after catching them running out the back of the building when police arrived.

Kansas City has reached 84 killings so far in 2011 (it was only 78 dead as of 6 a.m. Sunday) as KC-MO Police plan a lawbreaker's checkpoint somewhere in the city later this week..

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