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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NFL to Follow "Homeland Security" Recomendation of Fan Pat-Downs

It was about 5 years ago when I first caught wind that "security" people were patting down people before Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium.

I was to attend the next game with 2 out-of-town guests but when I heard about the pat-downs- I declined to attend that Chiefs game or any other where this sort of "security" crap occurred.

Looks like I won't ever attend any Chiefs games (not that I can A) afford it or B) want to waste 3 hours of my life in such a manner).

According to USA Today- so-called "Homeland Security (Federal Rights Theft Agency-FRTA)" was "teaming" with the National Football League to start pat-downs of all fans at all NFL games- effective immediately.

The saddest part?

For every American "patriot" that refuses to ever attend another NFL game with these intrusive searches- there's probably 100 American "Sheeple" who'll do any damn thing the government tells them to do.

Those dead 9-11 terrorists somehow keep scoring....


Anonymous said...

Won't see me in line for that crap either.

To hell with sports in this town anyway. Not going to see me making the Glass or Hunt families any richer

Anonymous said...

In fact anywhere I want to go if the powers that be deem that I need to be search before going in for my own safety then hell with it I will stay home where I am safer. So guess who looses in the end HAHAHAHA not me I still have my money. The city just got that much less in tax money from me.