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Monday, September 19, 2011

CSW COMMENTARY: Do You Say End Government Handouts To The Poor? Read This...

If you are a wealthy person- or one that these hard economic times have not touched- move on- there is nothing for you in this post...

With all the reading I do- especially since the "Recession/Depression" began in America- it's becoming clear that the citizens of this country are dividing up into camps of continue government welfare and totally ending it.

The American political system is also in critical condition- mired in political inaction- spin mongers and double-speak.

Those apparently "Fortunate Ones" who want government welfare to cease apparently have theirs- intend to keep it- and to Hell with anyone else who had their legs cut-off with layoffs and such.

I've read a number of these same flag-wavers who say that churches SHOULD be the place for the poor to go- let's not clue these airheads into the fact that church attendances have been falling in this country for decades and the fact that this "Recession/Depression" has hit even those houses of worship.

Also- apparently these "boot-strappers" have not read history.

EVERY great nation that ignored or even preyed on their poor has fallen. 

The Greeks- The Romans- The British Empire- 1930's Germany- etc..

Sure- cut government spending right now- especially programs that help people who are down due to no fault of their own (there are people who- sorry to say- would even argue that last point regarding "fault").

Do that and America will be sorry- DAMN sorry!

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has a great article that I encourage all to read if you haven't a clue what America's economy is doing to people- it's titled "Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain."

Also remember this because it's true:
Except For The Grace of God Go I....

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Some good points there.