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Thursday, November 04, 2010

KMBC-TV's Marcus Moore's Election Night Post-Fall Capture

esterday- I posted a story about Kansas City television's election night coverage and apparently- WDAF wasn't the only station with the pratfalls.

KMBC-9's Marcus Moore was wrapping-up a quick interview with Vicki Hartzler when Moore suddenly fell.

Moore bounces back up- and the screen capture of the look on Moore's face tells it all.


damon said...

this was one of the funniest falls!! where is the video?

tracina said...

omg!!!!!!!we are still laughing about that (myself, my husband and my 16year old son)when my other son came home on break from college we wanted to show it to him and couldn't find it anywhere, we want to share this with him. please create a link!!! thanks Marcus, we where depressed about the election results but you made our night . my son just kept rewinding it over and over again. also damon for your post so we won't feel silly by ourselves

Groucho K. Marx said...

tracina and Damon-

I screen-captured the image from a video that was still on-line the day after this happened.

If you can't find the video on KMBC's site or YouTube- I imagine it's been pulled.

After all tho- would YOU want this shown if you were either Marcus or KMBC? ;)

Thanks for the comments and reading-