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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Man Crashes Motorcycle- Tosses Rider in Independence- Rides Off To Crash Again

A man is in police custody in a medical facilty Sunday morning after two crashes- one in Independence and the other in Sugar Creek MO..

At 12:03 a.m.- Independence (Indy) units got the report of a car/motorcycle crash at U.S. 24 highway and Sterling.

There- the cycle driver- reported by police as "Mark L. Flaaen-" "laid-down his bike under a vehicle-" throwing his "30-40-year-old female passenger."

That female passenger suffered critical injuries- according to an AMR-EMS crew.

No one in the vehicle was hurt.

It was at this first wreck- report Sugar Creek police- that Mr. Flaaen "picked up his bike and took off north on Sterling" into Sugar Creek- with a SCPD officer "in pursuit."

Flaaen then crashed his Harley again- and for the final time this day- "on the circle in front of the police station" on Sterling at Kentucky at 12:04 a.m..

The man was placed under arrest by the pursuing Sugar Creek officer and taken to a hospital for his moderate injuries.



Anonymous said...

First of all the 30-40 year old woman was 52 years old and she was not in critical condition - just drunk.

And Mr. Flaaen did not just have moderate injuries - he had SEVERE injuries.

Also, the vehicle pulled across 2 lanes of traffic in front of the motorcycle. Mr. Flaaen did not just randomly crash into the Jeep. However, the Independence Police took hearsay on the accident as the driver of the Jeep had moved his vehicle clear to the side of the road before the police ever arrived.

There are many other facts you have incorrect in this situation.

You need to get all your facts straight before you put your words in print.

You don't know the half of this story and the players who choose to put the entire blame on Mr. Flaaen. Nor, do the Independence Police care to know "The Rest of the Story"!

Groucho K. Marx said...

Mr/Ms. "Anonymous-"

The medical information was derived from AMR-EMS medical reports that were sent to the receiving hospital after the incident.

Please blame AMR-EMS for THOSE reports...

The other information was derived from an INDEPENDENCE (BS-GV)EXAMINER story about the incident- as well as police reports I was monitoring that night.

The facts WERE as they were presented to me by the above sources.

Blame them please- not the messenger!


Anonymous said...

I understand that you are just the messenger - however, Critical Conditions does not warrant being released from the hospital in 5 days..... PLEASE, AMR-EMS employees!

It was also reported to the Independence Police that the female was in a comma...... It was a drug induced comma by the doctors because she would not be still - not a comma from the accident.

How can an accurate police report be given when in fact the police did not arrive at the scene of the accident until "AFTER" it happened and spoke to the driver of the jeep (of course he wasn't in the wrong...... LOL), and 2 witnesses" who did not see the accident only observed the motorcycles when they passed them.

24 ft. of skid marks does not warrant driving over the speed limit.

Again, I understand your position in reporting that you are only taking the information you received to report on.....

But, the mindset of the public seems deemed to believe what they read and what they have fed by this type of reporting into a specific act.

That is very unfortunate for those that are involved in such incidents.