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Friday, November 05, 2010

Coming Weekend May Be Last Really Nice One Weather-wise For 2010

If you have and outdoor or yard work to do- this weekend may be the best- and last decent and warm weather weekend- for the rest of this year.

The next 2 weekends are forecast to be cold- and don't be surprised if MetroRegion Kansas City sees some snowflakes to begin next weekend.

Oh sure- we'll see a few more warm days before years' end- that's likely here and there- but unlikely it would last a whole weekend without precipitation.

THIS weekend however will be warm and dry- with high temperatures from the upper 60's to lower 70's.

My winter forecast (December 22 to March 21)? Chance of cold waves, warm spells- rain- snow and ice storms- broken by periods of dry weather.

Highs of 0 to 70-degrees- Lows of -10 to 45.


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