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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Customers Stop Robbery of KC-MO Quik Trip

We can be glad that most criminals are either A) stupid and/or B) greedy.

This chilly fall Thursday morning- a thug jacked a car from a patron at the BP gas station at 63rd Street and Prospect in South Midtown around 8 a.m..

Not satisfied JUST with the stolen car- the thug drove to the 7-11 store at Independence Avenue and Highland around 8:45 a.m. and stole some items from there.

The thug- probably confident he hasn't been caught yet- then drives to the Quik Trip store at 31st Street and Southwest Boulevard to rob the clerk there.

Only this time- the robber is nabbed by customers- and held until some cops who had arrived for coffee saw what was going on- handcuffed and arrested the perp.

No word if Quik Trip will offer those 'heroic' customers any freebees for their actions....


Anonymous said...

My co-worker showed me this page. Reason being, I was the one who grabbed the guy off the counter. I had help from multiple others. I was punched in the head several times and was dazed so I couldn't remember how many people there were. As for the "freebees", the clerks still had me pay for my energy drink, and Quick trip sent me a $50 gift card. I'm not gonna complain. The way random people came together to hold down this guy, and show KC that some people just won't put up with this kind of crap, was enough for me.

I got a concussion. I was asked to show in court to testify. I instead wrote a letter to the attorney prosecuting him. Still think about that day alot. My father was proud, but asked "how do you know he didnt have a weapon?" I didn't. I wouldnt recommend people doing what I did. That's why chose to stay anonymous. I'm not a hero, but people shouldnt have to live in fear. I know I won't.

Like your site, keep up the good work.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Tell you what my friend- if we should ever meet- I'LL buy your energy drink!

DAMN good show- God Bless and thank YOU for the site compliment!