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Monday, October 04, 2010

What Becomes of American Towns- Workers- When Jobs Go To China

For more than 30 years- 'patriotic' American firms- many of them bought-up by international consortiums- have been moving jobs- no- entire industries to other countries.

Americans shouldn't be shocked to know that manufacture of many consumer items no longer takes place in America- not even North America.

Take this statement to any bank: If America were ever again involved in a non-nuclear war- this country wouldn't be able to manufacture many of the war materials we would need.

But- I editorially digress.

The story here- by Chris Dunker of The BEATRICE (NE) SUN- is of a small Nebraska town that lost it's once-local manufacturing plant and how the town and the people survive without it and the well-paying jobs the plant once provided.


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