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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tennessee Firefighters Let Home Burn Because Fee Wasn't Paid

'm sure many of you have already seen- read or heard about the story of a volunteer fire department in northwestern Tennessee who refuse to fight a mobile home fire because the homes' owner hadn't paid the $75 annual fire services fee (many thanks to STATter9-1-1).

This is the United (Corporate) States of America in 2010- regardless of ANY arguments- this sort of thing is TOTALLY unacceptable.

I recall similar stories over the years- and quite frankly- have NEVER understood why some mutual agreement couldn't be made on-the-spot or even after the event to prevent a needless loss.

If I see a structure on fire- I don't ASK the occupants if they paid their taxes or fire fees first before I attempt to take some action to mitigate the situation.

Service to your Fellow Human Being should never- EVER have an arbitrary dollar sign attached to it.

A RESPONSIBLE public safety agency should make allowances in these instances- and I would go as far to support a fire services lien against a property owner who was provided that service- but refused to pay afterwards.

But NO agent of a public service should stand around and watch another person's property burn down just because of money.

Has Human Decency been reduced to first kneeling at the altar of The Almighty Dollar???

No WONDER America's in the shape it's in!!!

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