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Thursday, October 07, 2010

MORE "Public Attention" For The Football and Cheerleading Club of Johnson County

According to a story in The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR- there are members of The Football and Cheerleading Club of Johnson County who do not like "public attention."

The story that's drawing the attention is that the board of directors of the FCCJC assigned what is best descibed as an adult bodyguard to a man- Merrill Staton- who is a team coach- statistician- and forced to use a motorized wheelchair on the sidelines during games.

"Several people have warned Staton against appealing the decision. When Staton called to set up the appeal, he was told that many board members wanted him gone altogether and didn’t like the public attention (italics & bold-type mine-CSW)."
"Staton said another board member warned him against appealing because the original conversation had grown so heated that someone on the board claimed that Staton could walk."

UPDATE - FRIDAY- OCTOBER 8- The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the FCCJC "has dropped the rule" that required Mr. Staton to have an adult 'bodyguard' with him on the sidelines during FCCJC football games.

Good move FCCJC- and rock on....

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