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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Central States News: Nebraska Republicrats Return Illegal Political "Contributions"

The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR reports that "Gov. Dave Heineman and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning have each returned campaign contributions given to them by a Canadian company that wants to build an oil pipeline crossing the state."

Apparently these two- one even is the CHIEF ATTORNEY for the State of Nebraska- had no clue that the "contributions (bribes)" of "$2500" each were from the Canadian company- as they were sent from that company's Omaha office.

That discrepancy was caught by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission- otherwise it seems that the ILLEGAL contributions (by a foreign company) would have gone unnoticed by either candidate.


Fellow Americans- continue to elect these corrupt Republicrats and Demublicans for a kinder- moral and brighter American future.


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