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Saturday, March 17, 2012

KC-MO Shootings Friday Night and Saturday Morning Leaves 2 Dead- At Least 3 Injured

Two shootings have left Kansas City MO with yet two more homicides for 2012 (21?) and a least three others with gunshot wounds of various severity...

The first homicide occurred at a double-shooting in the 7600 block of Monroe about 10 p.m. Friday night.

The dead person was reported by police to be a 15-year-old girl.

 The other gunshot victim reportedly a "21-year-old female-" taken to a hospital by KCFD-EMS with not-mortal injuries.

There wasn't any suspect info available yet.

The second shooting scene was in the 1800 block of Grand around 2:55 a.m. Saturday morning- with at least three injured there- including a person wh later died according to KCPD...

One male victim was transported from this scene by EMS in serious condition to a hospital.

 A second victim was driven to a hospital by unknown persons- this victim's condition unknown.

 KCPD later reported yet another gunshot victim from the Grand incident has arrived by private vehicle at a another hospital- again- no condition known.

By 5 a.m.- KCPD was reporting a homicide associated with this shooting.

No suspect info available in this incident either....


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Give them all guns; Herd them into the Royal's and Chief's Stadiums; Lock them in till one or none are left alive; Then reload!