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Monday, January 09, 2012

Latest KC-MO Council Corporate Welfare Case: DST and The Old Lyric Theater Building

The Kansas City MO city council continues it's giveaway of the city's tax base to corporate interests...

The latest proposal is whether to give DST Realty Co.- a corporate arm of Kansas City Southern (railroad) Industries- tens of millions in tax breaks to fix up the old Lyric Theater at 11th Street and Central downtown to accommodate a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (FAA) training facility.

Never mind that the FAA has yet to pick a city that will become it's training facility that is said by the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL to provide about 100 jobs.

This- like 90% of projects that are built in this city- must not be a profitable project for DST- otherwise they'd be using the COMPANY'S OWN MONEY to remodel the Lyric.

I think it's time for KC-MO residents to en masse apply to the City of Kansas City MO for tax breaks to remodel their own homes.

Just think- one thousand home remodels would SURELY produce at least as many jobs and the citizens- for once- would get THEMSELVES a tax break.

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