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Thursday, January 12, 2012

CSW WEATHER: Icy Sheen on Some Metro Roadways This Morning

Heard this mentioned on the early-morning news and I did not realize that the unfeeling former star of the TV show 'Two and A Half Men' was in Kansas City today...

Seriously folks- watch lesser-travelled roadways and untreated walking surfaces for the about 1/4-inch snowfall melted on the warmer surfaces then the falling temperatures froze the moisture.

There'll be some snow showers around the Metro and basically the eastern half of the MetroRegion until afternoon- then the cold air (it's winter remember- we got spoiled so far!  g) will hang around until early Saturday with temperatures returning to the 50-degree mark or better Sunday and possibly Monday.

BTW- as reported here at CSW earlier this morning- southbound I-435 is open again near Gregory Boulevard in KC-MO after a truck loaded with explosives became involved in a crash with a salt truck.

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