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Friday, January 13, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Blue Springs Duplex Damaged by Fire

Virtually all Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD) companies are fighting a fire in a duplex on Blue Spring's west side.

The alarm sounded at 9:08 a.m. Friday morning- sending units to the 700 block of Southwest 37th Street where a citizen reported smoke coming from the structure.

The caller also reported that the occupants- reported as "a single female and her baby" were "possibly still inside" the duplex.

A Blue Springs police officer arrived at the scene about 5 minutes later and confirmed that smoke was coming from the residence.

About 10 minutes after that- a woman drove up to another police officer blocking the street for fire equipment- and the woman reportedly told the officer "it was her house" that was on fire.

CJCFPD crews reported both sides of the duplex "clear" of any persons possibly still inside- and the fire was reported "under control" at 9:21 a.m. (although a short time later- additional fire was located "in the attic" of the duplex).

The fire was declared under control a 2nd time at 9:54 a.m..

Thus far- no injuries have been reported and an investigation as to the fire's cause will be undertaken as soon as the fire is out.

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