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Friday, December 09, 2011

Incredibly- KMBC-9 Hypes Snow Flurries

As I sat in the CSW office doing my daily weather routine- it became more and more clear as the day went on that if any snow fell at all in Metro Kansas City- it would probably be only scattered snowflakes in the late evening hours.

I didn't feel it necessary to waste bandwidth and your time even mentioning it.

I WAS watching traffic cameras to the north of the MetroRegion- in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska where snow WAS falling- but less than an inch had fallen by sunset and only a couple of inches of snow total were expected.

Certainly no major storm whatsoever- but the television newscasts in those cities ACTUALLY had SOME inclement weather to report in their own front (and back) yards...

So I was totally surprised when surfing through TV channels late Thursday evening and caught (briefly) KMBC-9 News.

Channel 9 had sent a reporter nearly 100 miles north to report on what basically was a few snow flurries.


I've seen some weather hype on local TV newscasts here in Kansas City the past few years- and KMBC's performance Thursday night HAS to win the Emmy award for same.

What WAS forecasted for Metro Kansas City tonight (that never happened) was less than an inch of snow- more like one-half inch actually.

The MOST snow forecasted within 100 miles of here was 2-inches- and the National Weather Service never had ANY of the Central States (including us) in ANY sort of winter weather warnings- advisories or anything else.

What Ms. Rittenhouse and I saw tonight was weather hype at it's absolute worst (we didn't bother watching any other newscasts- instead opting for a non-commercially-interrupted movie on the Internet).

What surprised me was not only was KMBC-9 totally wasting their news resources (not to mention gasoline- etc.) on a non-story/event- but totally and absolutely wasting their viewers' time.

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Anonymous said...

Now do you see why I no long watch that stuff?