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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Multiple-Injury Crash near Longview Lake in S.E. Kansas City MO

Four ambulances have been sent as well as additional fire department units with extrication tools to a 2-vehicle- multiple-injury crash at the intersection of Raytown Road and West Longview Parkway.

This incident- initially reported around 3:10 p.m. Wednesday afternoon- is just west of the Longview Lake dam.

Extrication is being performed on at least two people trapped in vehicle wreckage- and serious injuries have been indicated.

Northbound Raytown Road has been closed to thru traffic at Longview Road. I haven't heard regarding the disposition of southbound Raytown Road traffic- but it is more than likely severely restricted by this crash.

Preliminary injury reports from KC-MO FD-EMS are that "one" patient "was ejected" during the crash and has "pretty serious injuries."

There were two other injuries mentioned in that EMS report- both female- one of them termed as "walking wounded."

One female transported to a Metro hospital was "a 47-year-old female driver" with a broken leg- according to EMS-30.

The disposition of any other patients had not been reported as of 4 p.m..

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God protected you my baby inshallah you come home safe and sound love you so much.. mommy