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Monday, November 28, 2011

Shawnee-Mission School District: Emma Sullivan Doesn't Have to Send Letter of Apology to Kansas Gov. Brownback

It was The Tweet Heard Around The World...

As reported here at CSW and many- many blogs in the Heartland and beyond- a week ago- Shawnee-Mission East student Emma Sullivan sent what she though was a private Tweet to her 65 followers regarding Kansas Governor Brownback during a school-sponsored field trip.

One of Brownback's aides found the Tweet during a search- and ratted out the 18-year-old student to her principal.

The principal of SME spent an hour talking to Ms. Sullivan about the Tweet- and ordered her to write the apparently thin-skinned politician a letter of apology.

Monday morning- Shawnee-Mission School District changed their tune in light of pending legal action on Ms. Sullivan's behalf- and said Emma didn't have to write Brownback any letter of apology- according to this ASSOCIATED PRESS story via The WICHITA EAGLE.

So far- Governor Brownback has yet to say a thing regarding this firestorm that his taxpayer-paid aide started- but rest assured- this fiasco has cost the Guv more than a few votes....

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