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Thursday, December 01, 2011

CSW Weather: Meteorological Winter Begins Today

Although current temperatures here in south Kansas City are in the lower-50's- today begins what is called "meteorological winter."

What is considered the calendar winter or the official start of winter begins December 22- but to weather people the first day of a month when a season starts is what is considered the start of that season, so although spring for instance begins later in March- the first day of March is considered meteorological spring.

As if the celebrate- it's looking more and more like Mother Nature will bring up at least a look at wintry weather this coming weekend.

There is a good to excellent chance of a rain Saturday- and current indications are that the rain will change over to snow before it ends early Sunday.

It's still too early to forecast any accumulations in Metro or MetroRegion Kansas City- but there is at least a likely hood that those awake in the predawn hours of Sunday will see snowflakes in the air from the city west and northward.

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