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Friday, July 08, 2011

Man Charged For 2008 Murder of Harrisonville Woman


The CASS COUNTY (MO) DEMOCRAT MISSOURIAN in Harrisonville reports that 52-year-old Jeffrey Dean Moreland has been charged with the 2008 murder of Harrisonville wife and mother Cara Jo Roberts.

Moreland is a former Grandview MO police officer.

As reported here at CSW in 2009- Moreland allegedly broke into the Robert's home during the afternoon of November 5, 2008 and murdered Cara Jo.

Moreland had been arrested last week on rape and sodomy charges unrelated to Mrs. Roberts' murder.

For at least 2 years- there were no suspects or leads in the Cara Jo Roberts homicide case until recently.


Superdave said...

Well both sides of the state line charged dirty ex cops today.

The Osawatomie officer should have been busted years ago in fact should have never been hired as an officer. That dept has a history of dirty cops and John Wayne headed cops. To many for to long knew that clown was no good.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Nothing worse that a corrupt deputy of the law SD!

Oh- reports also stated Cass County's Moreland suspect was "a school (security guard) at Grandview High school."

Wonder if Moreland was anywhere near Belton High school when Kara Kopetsky disappeared....

Superdave said...

Oh if one was to dig I am sure more could be found to charge him with.

Anonymous said...

They need to check and see if there is a connection to Brooke Franchise Corporation with this Guy, and if he was hired by some one at Brooke to eliminate an employee who new too much about their corrupt acts.