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Thursday, July 01, 2010

KC-MO's City 'Clowncil' Approves Subsidy For Pro Sports Corporations

The Kansas City City 'Clowncil' gives ONLY lip service to the resident's needs in this town- proven today during the City Clowncil meeting.

In spite of ALL the cuts to city services that KC residents use and need every day- this Clowncil finds the dollars to support professional sports teams whose employees make MILLIONS of dollar a year.

Mayor Funkhouser had wisely- in view of the city's terrible revenue deficts- yanked the city's non-binding share of money for the Truman Sports Complex- where Royals and Arrowhead stadiums are located.

The Mayor wisely stated that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Well- the City Clowncil today said FU to the residents of Kansas City MO and restored that several million dollar annual and non-binding payment to Jackson County who ALSO has no business being in the pro sport stadium business.

So the conclusion is that Kansas City MO's City Clowncil cares more about keeping millionaires happy than trying to satisfy the many needs of Kansas City MO's residents.

My conclusion is that these career pollys-  the likes of Deb Hermannn and Cindy Circo- need to be FAR removed from KC-MO taxpayer's money (see also a 1000-room convention hotel that this Clowncil has invested nearly a million bucks into already).

We can't AFFORD the present Kansas City City Clowncil!!!

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