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Friday, July 02, 2010

KC-MO Clowncilman Russs Johnson: Playing Children's Games With Taxpayer's Money

couldn't at first- grasp what I was seeing on the TV news Thursday night.

Coming across like an immature 10-year-old was Clowncilman Russs Johnson- telling the TV news cameras that if Mayor Funkhouser's lawsuits could cost the city nearly a million dollars- the Clowncil had every right to re-institute those annual millions of dollars in subsidies to the corporate sports teams at the Truman Sports Complex.

So Clowncilman Johnson- let's see if I got what you were saying correctly:  YOU justify the Clowncil frittering away millions of taxpayer dollars BECAUSE some cluck sued Mayor Funkhouser over things the Mayor's wife said or did?

So the KC-MO City Clowncil- with the Mayor's lawsuits being their justification- will continue to shovel more taxpayer money to corporate interests (stadiums- convention hotels- etc.- etc.- etc.).

Meanwhile- sewer and water lines in the city continue to rupture- public transit gets cut- streets remain in deplorable condition- etc.- etc.- etc..

KC-MO voters- it's time we got the children out of City Hall.

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