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Monday, June 28, 2010

Are YOU Getting Paid For Those Pictures and Videos YOU Send to TV News?

've asked a few times on the blog here- but TV stations do this ALL the time:   "
If you have any pictures or videos of XXX- send them to XXX.XXX- our TV stations' email."

Let me be very clear- CSW is totally non-profit and non-commercial.  If I'm asking readers to send me any photos or videos of something- it's STRICTLY on the premise of informing others.

But- if I COULD afford to pay you for your published photo- say I was a corporation like one of Kansas City's television stations/newspapers- I most certainly would pay you for any of your content that is published.

It's like- well dear viewer- you saved US the expense of sending a photographer- and in many cases- your visual as or shortly after whatever happened was compelling and boosted our ratings/sales.  Yeah- it's worth at least say- 20 bucks (stuff you could sell to a show's producer or a national news organization for $5K).

No- there's NO offer of ANY cash compensation for your photo or video. 

And if that visual was good enough for sale- the fact you sent it to that TV station or newspaper now has it plastered everywhere via network and/or Internet for anybody's use- ethical or not.

Folks- if you're going to send the TV stations and newspapers photos of news/weather events for free- at least send them to CSW too.

Better yet- contact me here at CSW first- I'll frankly tell you if your visuals can make you some money- tell you who you can contact and where so you can make that money- and my only charge will be that I can post some teasers of your work on this blog.

Even if it's not Emmy-award-winning- please send your news- weather and interesting visuals to CSW and help tell the world what's REALLY going on.


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