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Thursday, July 01, 2010

BP: Save your TV Commercial Budget and PAY THOSE YOU HAVE HARMED

ritish Petroleum's latest TV commercials have fallen on mostly deaf- and certainly more than a few angry ears.

I switch them off completely when they come on.

The company responsible for the CONTINUED mile-deep underwater oil gusher seems to have the money to run bogus "feel-good about BP cleaning up the mess we caused" commercials.

All those commercials are serving to do is make America's Gulf of Mexico residents and many who do NOT live along the Gulf even angrier.

Why doesn't BP pay the FULL SALARIES of all the employees who have been made jobless by BP and their friends' incompetence?

Wouldn't the MILLIONS BP is spending on these TV commercials be better spent in sealing the oil gusher- cleaning up the spewed oil and the areas it's devastated and making COMPLETE restitution to those financially damaged/destoyed by BP's incompetence?

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