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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Woman Yells at BP's Hayward: "You Need to be Charged with a Crime."

atching the Senate's hearings regarding BP's- Halliburton's- et-al- trashing of America's Gulf of Mexico- at the start of the hearing a woman in the audience stood up and yelled at British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward "You need to be charged with a crime."

He's BP's CEO and he "isn't responsible?????"

One crime I see and hear while watching the hearing is that Hayward can't even answer many of the questions put to him by politicians. 

Playing dumb won't cut it with many Americans who are absolutely LIVID over the continued destruction of the American coastline of the Gulf of Mexico.

If it means bankruptcy for BP- Halliburton- et al- so be it.

Any and ALL deep-sea drilling within America's shorelines MUST be halted until oil companies come up with complete plans to stop such massive oil leaks.

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