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Thursday, June 17, 2010

CSW COMMENTARY: Should Texas Apologize to America For Rep. Joe Barton?

Here's an aside to today's Congressional "hearings" regarding British Petroleum's (BP) trashing of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline by their well blowout.

Believe this or don't- Republicrat Representative Joe Barton of Texas apologized to BP's Tony Hayward for the way Haywood was treated by certain Americans- specifically President Obama.

Here- you can watch it yourself courtesy of CBS News.

I've lived in Texas- I visit Texas often- there are many friends and damn good people in Texas.

How the HELL did some of your brethren elect the likes of Joe Barton and do ya think ya-all might DO something about that?

President Obama's DEMAND for an escrow account- the $20-billion that BP must set aside- was the start of what I hope are a series of right things being done about this continuing ecological disaster.

Joe Barton's "apology" was sheer political bullshit- and ANY American trying to play politics with the worst ecological disaster in American history should at very least have his head examined.

At very best- voters should replace the likes of Joe Barton at the earliest possible election.


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