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Friday, June 18, 2010

Law Enforcement Concerned About Live Internet Broadcast of Police Tactical Operation

On June 7- police were surrounding a home in Blue Rapids KS in a standoff with a man who had shot a Marshall county sheriff's deputy and was holding the home's elderly female occupant hostage.

The man- 43-year-old Stephen Macomber of Topeka- was already wanted for murdering a Topeka man and robbing an Omaha-area bank in the days prior.

According to a story in The MARYSVILLE (KS) ADVOCATE written by Katelynn Hasler- quite a number of the area's residents were able to listen to police radio communications of the standoff on an Internet website.

Radio apparently had a live scanner audio feed from a contributor in Kansas that was receiving broadcasts of sensitive tactical-operation information- and that has some law enforcement officials in the state concerned about the practice.

(NOTE: CSW does not re-transmit in any way ANY live police- fire or EMS radio broadcasts nor relay ANY potentially sensitive information gathered except to legitimate news organizations in the name of the First Amendment of the United States of America.)

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