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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Minnesota Tornadoes Kill At Least 2

ornadoes in west-central- northwestern and south-central Minnesota has killed at least 2 people and injured at least four.

Almora was the location of a woman killed trying to seek shelter in a ditch when the tornado struck the small enclave of 20 people around 5 p.m..

The woman's husband who was also trying to take shelter was seriously injured.

A man was killed and 3 were injured when a gas station in Mentor MN was destroyed by a tornado about 6:30 p.m. CDT..

High winds and possibly a tornado or two did heavy damage in the city of Wadena- but there are no initial reports of injuries- according to the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE.

Later in the evening- a large tornado was reported near Albert Lea in south-central Minnesota.

Homes were reported destroyed with "people injured" in the area of Alden MN- according to the ALBERT LEA (MN) TRIBUNE.

Heavy damage was also reported in the community of Kiester.

UPDATE- Friday morning 0855 CDT- The ALBERT LEA TRIBUNE is now reporting one fatality and "dozens" of injuries.

Tornado watches and/or severe thunderstorms continue tonight from northern Kansas into Nebraska- Iowa- Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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