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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Transocean Ltd.'s Steven Newman is an Idiot

You'd have thought that when Transocean and BP's Deepwater Horizon blew-up- nobody and I mean NOBODY in the oil industry would be questioning the government-imposed 6-month moratoriaum on deep ocean oil wells- let alone criticizing it.

Beleive this or don't- according to the Associated Press story obtained through the OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMAN- the head of Transocean- Steven Newman- was telling reporters at some oil conference in London that the 6-month moratorium should be lifted.

What makes Mr. Newman an idiot is his saying that the shutdown is costing more than a cleanup.


Mr. Newman has NO FRIGGING IDEA what the final economic and ecologic toll the blow-out of his and BP's well will be.

The blow-out of the Deepwater Horizon demonstrates that the oil industry has NO idea how to stop a deep-sea oil leak- and until the oil industry comes up with FIRM and WORKABLE plans for incidents like the current disaster in the Gulf- then the 6-month moratorium should be maintained and even extended to that time the oil companies figure out ways to ABSOLUTELY stop deep-sea well gushers.

Until that day comes- people like Steven Newman who want the deep-sea drilling moratorium halted will and continue to be idiots.


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