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Friday, June 25, 2010

CSW BREAKING: "Possible Drowning" at KC-MO's Oceans of Fun

t 3:27 p.m.- Kansas City MO emergency service received information about a "possible drowning" at Oceans of Fun- located in the Northland at I-435 and Northeast Parvin Road.

Emergency responders were advised to meet Oceans of Fun security at the main gate and they were to be "led" to the victim.

However at 3:32 p.m.- the dispatched fire department pumper- 34's- had arrived at Oceans of Fun and were told- apparently by OOF security- that "their (the fire department's) services were not needed."

KC-MO FD-EMS transported the "29-year-old female" patient who reportedly had "been caught between 2 tubes" at the water park and needed to be "pulled out" of the water "by lifeguards-" conscious and in good condition except for "chest pains" to a Northland medical trauma center...

1 comment: said...

A similar thing happened to me in the wave pool last Friday, 7/1/11. I was overcome by the waves & kind of panicked, tried to get to the side...difficulty holding on to the bar! (about 12-15 inches long), still the waves kept pounding over the top of me. Finally, I reached the ladder, but felt very weak, chest hurt badly & went home. First aid station did do an EKG, blood pressure check & pulse, all ok.(hard to believe since my heart was pounding) Drove me to the front gate to meet my husband. Since then, others have related a similar story. I wonder how many of these cases are not being reported?
Hand rails are ineffective & safety needs to be restored!