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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mother Nature or Energy? WE Make The Call...

oday is Day 36 for British Petroleum's (BP) oil gusher into the Gulf of Mexico.

By the time the leak is capped- if ever- the Louisiana Delta region and surrounding areas will be coated with oil- and America is seeing and will continue to see vast changes in the Gulf ecosystem. 

People like the former female governor of Alaska say BP's blow-out is "unfortunate-" but America MUST continue drilling for our precious oil both off America's shores and on our land.

I suppose Ms. Former Governor includes National Parks and other like sanctuaries are fair game for our energy glut needs- and I suppose she'll think it also "unfortunate" if an uncontrolled blow-out occurred in any of those areas too.

A few days ago- I read a post by another Metro Kansas City blogger- Xavier Onassis- who addressed America's energy needs and it brought back a thought I had back on September 11, 2001.

That thought was that America REALLY needs to get off the teat of Middle Eastern oil- completely and forever.

G.W. Bush COULD have put this country on an energy program like John F. Kennedy pointed us to Space back in the 1960's- but THAT didn't happen.

To compare anything Bush did about America's energy independence to Kennedy's space program: We'd still be no closer to space than a ride in a passenger jet aircraft- maybe weather satellites.

Meanwhile- vast stretches of the Gulf of Mexico shoreline will be increasingly ruined- untold millions of wildlife affected- and most Americans will continue to not REALLY give-a-damn as long as gasoline- natural gas- heating oil- et al- is affordable.

Who cares if we don't have any seafood or many birds left- we'll address those consequences when it's (too late) time.

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