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Friday, May 28, 2010

Central States News: Half of Joplin MO-area Streams and Rivers Polluted

f the chlorine in swimming pools makes you ill- consider what you'd feel in southwest Missouri's streams and rivers.

According to this story in The JOPLIN (MO) GLOBE- "half" of that area's waterways are loaded with the fecal bacteria E. Coli and are unsafe for swimming.

This after tests at the Lake of The Ozarks and Truman Lake have also showed high-levels of E. Coli which has closed swimming beaches at those 2 lakes.

A test of the water at a swimming beach at Smithville Lake showed bacteria at "acceptable" levels.

Trash thrown along roadways- sewage and farm chemicals in our waterways- oil soaking the Gulf of Mexico shorelines- folks- we're trashing America!

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