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Monday, May 24, 2010

Central States News: Arkansas Drug Raid Is...To The Wrong House

n unforturnate part of America is our daily drug raids somewhere.

After all- our government is quite concerned what American adults freely put into our bodies- so we MUST have these drug raids to rid society of stuff like the horribly-addicting and mind-altering marijuana.

The ONLY trouble with these drug raids is that on occasion- law enforcement people raid the WRONG properties- as illustrated in a recent drug raid in Detroit MI where officers shot a family's dog- that had been IN A CAGE- as well as other highlighted law drug raids gone bad.

The FORT SMITH (AR) TIMES RECORD reports on such a Wrong-Way Peachfuzz raid on a house in Sebastian County- where police "walked-in" to an unlocked house and handcuffed the no-doubt terrified occupants until the cops realized they had F-ed Up and raided the wrong address.

Oh- one more 'commentary' ... we don't EVEN need to consider legalizing that 'killer drug' for the trillions of lost revenue.

Hell- America doesn't need THAT money!

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