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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Serious-Injury Crash in Far Kansas City North

ust after 1 p.m. this Wednesday afternoon- three companies of the KC-MO Fire deaprtment and up to 4 EMS ambulances responded to a reported "head-on" crash on Cookingham/M-291 at North Eastern.

Two persons have been transported to Northland hospitals from that crash: a "78-year-old female driver" of one of the vehicles- suffering at least 2 fractured legs and other serious injuries- and "a 39-year-old male" from the other vehicle with "right side body pain" but no discernable injuries.

He was in good- non life-threatening condition.

So far- no word on the other 2 ambulances' transports if indeed there were any- and no other details on this crash.

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