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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fatality Tornado Reported in North Texas

A large tornado struck in and around Canton Texas late Saturday afternoon.

The tornado first touched-down in Henderson county- with an "unknown number of injuries" reported at Caney City.

The tornado- described by witnesses as "a large wedge-"  moved northeast into Van Zandt county toward Canton.

As of 11:30 pm Saturday night- five persons were reported dead with at least 50 injured.

Canton is on Interstate 20- about 40 miles east-southeast of downtown Dallas.

Cars and trucks were thrown from I-20 when the tornado passed through during the 6 pm CDT hour.

Structures have been damaged and destroyed.

At least 5 fatalities have been reported by KLTV-7.

As of 10:30 pm CDT- at least "50 injuries" reported with "36 transports" of injured to a hospital in Tyler TX..

At least one of those injured was reported as "critical." 

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