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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Residents Reported Trapped in Far South Kansas City MO Apartment Fire

The fire is reportedly at the Cloverleaf Apartments in the 14500 block of South U.S. 71 (I-49).

A 2nd-alarm was sounded shortly after the initial alarm was dispatched at 2:58 pm Sunday afternoon.

It is reported "numerous" occupants were "trapped" in the burning building and also it's reported people "jumping" from the building as well.

Several KC-MO FD-EMS units are being or have been sent to the scene.

At 3:06 pm- the first KCFD arriving unit reports "heavy fire showing from a 3-story" apartment building.

As of 3:20 pm-  "2 injuries" has been reported by EMS- and at least one of the victims reportedly  a child.

Injuries reported by EMS to be not life-threatening.

As of 3:28 pm- the fire is reported to be "under control,"

NOTE:  Grandview Fire- with several stations much closer to this incident- was made aware of this fire before the 2nd-alarm was dispatched- but apparently KC never requested GFD for a mutual aid response until an EMS unit was requested after the fire was declared under control.

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