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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Working House Fire near KC-MO's Ruskin Heights Area

At 1:38 pm Tuesday afternoon- five companies of the KC-MO Fire Department  were dispatched to a reported house fire at "10800 White Avenue in the Stratford Estates addition west of Ruskin Heights in south KC-MO..

Battalion chief 107 was the first to arrive at 1:44 pm and reported "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story" structure.

As of 1:50 pm- at least 3 hoselines were deployed on what is reported to be "a fire in the basement of a vacant" house "under-going renovation."

At 1:52 pm- all interior firefighting crews were ordered to "evacuate the first-floor" of the burning structure.

At 1:58 pm- BC-107 reports "fire under control" with no reports of injuries at that time. 

A "partial floor collapse on the first floor" is reported at 1:59 pm..  

Any significant update(s) will be posted here if needed.....

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