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Friday, February 05, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Working Duplex Fire- Two Injured in Kansas City MO Northland

A "working fire response" of at least six KC-MO fire companies was sent to a fire in "a 1-1/2-story duplex" in the 500 block of Northeast 107th Street. 

The alarm was sounded at 7:26 pm- followed by a dispatch report of "one injured jumping" from the burning structure. 

 Pumper 3 was first-in at 7:29 pm- reporting the "working fire-" where there are a reported "two" injured. 

 At least 2 "small (1-3/4-inch) streams were being used on the fire which is "under-control" as of 7:46 pm. 

A critically-injured patient was "an approximately 50-year-old male who jumped from a 2nd-floor window- about 10 to 15 feet" and had "20-30 percent" burns of up to the 3rd-degree.

He was transported to a KC-KS medical trauma center by KC-MO FD-EMS Medic 554.

The second injury was "a 9-year-old male who jumped about 15-feet-" KCFD "Medic 16" tells an area medical trauma center for minors.

The boy's condition was stable and not life-threatening.

At 7:57 pm- the Red Cross is requested to assist "3 adults" displaced by this fire of yet-undetermined cause. 

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