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Friday, February 05, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect Chased After Causing MHP Trooper Car to Overturn in Lafayette County MO

A suspect driving "a black (Chevy) Suburban" reportedly caused a "State car (MHP?) 1269" to overturn in or near Odessa MO at 9:29 pm Friday night.

It happened "west of (M-) 131 on the north outer road."  .

The trooper was not seriously injured- but EMS was sent to examine the officer.

About 5 minutes later- a law officer from Lafayette county spotted the black Suburban "westbound on I-70 passing Bates City" at 9:33 pm.

The chase continued into Jackson county at a reported speed of "80 MPH-" and has "passed (M-) 7 highway" as of 9:40 pm..

As of 9:50 pm- the chase had entered KC-MO on westbound I-70 in the area of the Truman Sports Complex- and no further was heard.

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