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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Storm Chasers Reportedly Among The Dead From May 31st's El Reno to Oklahoma City Tornado

A Web site called "TheWeatherspace.Com" is reporting three storm chasers died in Friday's EF-3 tornado that tracked from El Reno into parts of Oklahoma City.

The site says that the chasers were "Tim Samaras- his son Paul Samaras and Carl Young" were among the nine people that died in the tornado.

This was being confirmed on other Internet sites- as well as a posting on Facebook by Tim's brother Jim Samaras.

The other six tornado deaths- including a mother and her infant- were also in vehicles.

At least two other people died in the flash flooding that the storms produced in those same areas.

As of Sunday morning- there were up to four people still missing.

I believe this will be among- if not the first storm chasers killed by a tornado.

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Donald Marion said...

Brave men all. God be with their families. Words fail.