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Monday, June 03, 2013

Storm Chaser Nearly Drowns in May 31 Oklahoma Superstorm

In addition to the three storm chasers killed in the western Metro Oklahoma City tornado May 31- another storm chaser somehow escaped a sure drowning from the terrible flash flooding that occurred right after the twister.

The chaser posts his video (shown at the end of this story) of this dramatic event on You Tube.

The chaser- who posts as 'Modulate This' or 'MT' as we'll call him- was eastbound on OK-66 before it turns south on OK-4 highway in Yukon.

To avoid street flooding ahead- MT turns right instead of stopping and going in reverse.

The still images shown are a GOOGLE street view image of what the scene looks like on a clear- non-flood day and what it looked like to MT on that fateful Friday.

MT makes his right turn just past the sign and guardrail where the unguarded lip of the drainage ditch lies about a dozen feet south of the edge of the roadway.

MT drives too far forward at that spot and his vehicle slips off the edge of the culvert that runs north under OK-66.

MT's vehicle is quickly submerged in 8 to 10 feet of rushing water.

It is only by fate- luck- and/or the Grace of God that MT is not drowned- but as he reports on YouTube- his vehicle's windows broke out underwater and he was able to surface and swim.

The police officer (Yukon Officer Matthew Fairchild- see CSW post HERE) who you see in the video sitting just west of the culvert saw what happened and immediately rushes to the north end of the culvert and helps MT from the swollen ditch.

Otherwise- our friend MT most surely would have become chaser fatality No. 4.

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