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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Apartment Building Fire Near Westport in KC_MO

Around ten companies of the KC-MO  Fire department were involved in a firefight at an apartment building at 40th Terrace and Clark- just north of the Westport district.

Center Zone police officers also responded to the address on a reported "disturbance."

The initial fire alarm was disaptched at 1:40 am CDT Tuesday morning.

At 1:44 am- the battalion chief (Car 106) arrived and reported "smoke and fire showing from a 2-story brick apartment building" that was actually at 909-11 West 40th Terrace (buildings on the left side of the image).

The FD response was eventually upgraded to "a 1st-alarm."

At least three handlines were used- fire crews stayed on "an offensive attack" meaning they went inside to fight the fire.

Interior searches of the building didn't reveal any victims and no civilian injuries were reported.

As of 2 am- the fire is declared under control- and the Red Cross was requested for "nine adults- some with special needs" who were displaced by the fire.

A fire investigation was underway.
No word on the "disturbance" aspect of this incident.  

At 2:04 am- a fire truck had reportedly "hit a parked car" in front of the fire building.

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