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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

City of Raytown MO to Lose Their YMCA

The faltering inner-ring suburb of Raytown MO is about to lose another business/amenity: the YMCA.

The Richard C. Green Sr. YMCA facility is located just west of the taxpayer-subsidized Walmart at M-350 and Hardy and is one of the newer YMCAs in the Metro.

According to the story on the KSHB-41 website- declining enrollments and renews of memberships led to the closing- along with two other YMCA locations in Independence and Kansas City KS..

Meanwhile- there's talk of yet ANOTHER Walmart going into Raytown- reportedly a Walmart grocery to possibly be built in the former church location around 62nd Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

This after another grocery store in a strip shopping center about four blocks away recently shut it's doors.


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mb said...

I've just heard through the grapevine that the Wal-Mart project (IN RAYTOWN) will be assimilating all the storefronts on 63rd.. from Fox Drugs (where eminent domain will be used to elbow them out) to the corner of 63rd and blue ridge blvd... surely this can't be correct... Raytown's not going to force out/buy out businesses that have stood the test of time????