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Saturday, February 02, 2013

BREAKING: Fatality Apartment Fire in Kansas City KS

The fire- first dispatched at 5:46 am- is in an apartment building at 1800 North 76th Drive in western KC-KS..

There were flames showing when the first fire department employee arrived at 5:51 am- and he asked the dispatcher to send a 2nd alarm.

At least five fire department EMS units responded.

At 6:06 am- fire crews reported fire in 3rd story apartments- then finding a child in one of the units.

Less than thirty seconds later- the fire crew also reported "a fatality" there.

Reports are the female child was rushed by EMS to a nearby hospital where she later died of her injuries.

The deceased person found in the burning apartment was reported by fire officials to be "a female- about 30 years-of-age."

A cause is still being determined.

Tune into or log onto KSHB-41 News for more information.


Superdave said...

Nice to see you posting

Groucho K. Marx said...

Thank you Dave.