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Saturday, February 09, 2013

BREAKING: Snowstorm Victims in New York City's Times Square

The blizzard/major snowstorm/Nor'easter has claimed it's first victims as shown in this screen capture from NYC's Times Square EarthCam.

What you see are New Yorkers fallen victim to well-deserved child-like behavior- making snow angels on the city's sidewalks.

While children looked on in surprise (and envy)- snowball fights have broken out among groups of adults.

About six inches of the freezy skid-stuff appears to have fallen in TS so far- with higher amounts north and east of NYC.

More than a foot of snow has been reported in parts of Long Island- and in the Boston MA area.

The snowfall is being driven by winds gusting to more than 60 mph at times- with both areas virtually shut-down.

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