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Monday, February 13, 2012

CSW Weather: Hey Kansas City- It's Snowing

The first significant snowfall that was predicted several days ago has begun.

Light sleet preceded the snowfall that began around 1 a.m. Monday morning over the Kansas suburbs and has since spread over all of Metro Kansas City.

Snowfall totals will be around 2-3 inches by afternoon- when the snow is forecasted to become light drizzle or freezing drizzle.

Public works road crews from both states- the counties and cities are out spreading salt and other chemicals on area roadways which as of this post just after 3 a.m. range from wet to  becoming partially snow-covered (see the accompanying traffic camera images taken between 3-3:30 a.m. Monday morning).

Here at CSW in south KC-MO- the temperature hovers just above the 32-degree (freezing) mark- but temperatures at Metro NWS weather stations range from 27 at K.C.I. airport to 28 to 29 degrees in Downtown KC-MO- Olathe and Lee's Summit.

Temperatures should hold fairly steady today or actually rise by a degree or two.

There are live traffic cameras found here at the Kansas City Scout system- as well as here at the Overland Park Traffic division Web site.

Everybody will be fine if people leave 10-15 minutes early for work- drive smoothly (no erratic lane changing and/or braking) and SLOW DOWN.

CSW will be listening for any major traffic issues through 9 a.m.-  and post them on this blog in the YOUR COMMENTS section of this post.


Super Dave said...

Well I am heading out into it. Be comingup from the south to about the Plaza will try and post an update when I get there.

Have close to an inch in Spring Hill.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Cool ... TY David!

Super Dave said...

Ok made it in I-35 is very rough snow covered to ice slush to wet can fool you very fast and quick.

Surface streets are mostly snow covered did see two Overland Park snow plows and that was it. The Village area could see where thy have been streets in the Mission Hills area not to bad.

Never saw a Kansas state snow plow one from Spring Hill to 87 and I-35 where I bailed off due to conditions

A solid inch of snow in Mission Hills.

One car off road northbound I-35 and 119th street. PD was arriving as I hit the location

Groucho K. Marx said...

Good report- thanx...

I've seen a number of OP crews on their live traffic cameras (got the URLs loaded into the Win Media Player here) unless it's the same ones going in circles. Heh

About an inch here in the Loma Vista area of KC-MO- heard a number of crashes- mostly on the Interstates/U.S. highways- mostly one vehicles not blocking much traffic and slight or no injuries.

Oil well- the drivers needed the practice! bfg

Thanks again SuperDave- I need to get you a digital camera! lol

Super Dave said...

lol I have one it's a paperweight on my desk a lot.