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Monday, November 21, 2011

Is WDAF FOX-4 "Working For YOU?"

Channel 4's news no longer works for me...

No helicopter- no overnight coverage of weekend news- reporters fresh out of college with virtually no familiarity with the Metro area they're covering.

Local TV LLC gutted Channel 4's news department when they bought the station from News Corp. in 2007- and that's sad to me.

Now- Bottom reports on a FOX-4 news story about "hate crimes" that has no point- contradicts itself actually.

Since it's inception in October 1949- WDAF-TV was first in Kansas City to deliver many new technologies to their viewers.

The station gave me my first shot at being a professional news hunter-gatherer in 1991.

Channel 4 really ought to get rid of that horribly shopworn slogan "Working For You" to "Working To Stay Relevant" for Kansas City TV news viewers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another great part of Kansas City is dying like the rest of the city.

When channel 4 lost the ability to be an NBC station was the day the fat lady ripped out one of her best songs.

I don't listen or watch any of the so called news teams in KC area at all anymore. All spew rubbish and report piss poor news. Sorry to word it that way but it's just the facts sir as if Sgt Web himself asked me for my opinion.