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Friday, November 25, 2011

Homicides (102 & 103?) Don't Take A Holiday in Kansas City MO

An Operation 100 was being conducted late Thanksgiving night in south-central KC-MO...

The incident was in the 6600 block of Bellfountaine- but police had several city streets cordoned off: the 6600 block of Walrond and 67th Street from Walrond to Bellfountaine and there was "a body" involved.

It turned out that police had shot a burglary suspect in a house on Bellfountaine and that suspect had run the block to Walrond where he collapsed and died.

The Op-100 was around the house where the suspect had exited from- apparently there was a 2nd suspect still inside the house being burgled- and by early Friday morning police had finally secured that house- arrested the 2nd suspect- a woman- then made a gruesome discovery: two people were dead inside.

Those victims were later said by police to be a teenager who had come to visit her godmother for Thanksgiving.

Police haven't yet officially termed this as Homicides 102 and 103 for the year (don't know if the killed suspect also qualifies)- but it can be said without qualification of such that violent death in Kansas City MO didn't even take a holiday on Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It appears the wild west has returned.

Also death never takes a holiday just ask the thugs of KC-MO