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Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Farms Threatened by Proposed New Federal Government Regulations

Governments everywhere in America are seemingly on a regulatory and taxing binge...

In a story from the RICHMOND (MO) DAILY NEWS- Missouri state senator State Sen. Bill Stouffer writes that the Feds are proposing new farm regulations for minors.

According to Senator Stouffer- if the new regulations are imposed- it would create even more problems for family-operated farms in America.

The new regulations would severely restrict what farm chores minors below the ages of 16 and 18-years-of-age could perform.

It's your captain's opinion that if government intrusions such as these had been around in the early 20th-Century- America would have probably never become the agricultural powerhouse we are today.

And one HAS to wonder where all these "less government" politicians are- with these new regulations looming over farmer's heads....


Anonymous said...

Oh kids have been working on the farms since the damn thing was first started.

I mean hell Farmers had kids to help work the farm.

Leave it to some moron dipshit in Washington that probably has no clue what a farm is outside of reruns of Green Acres to think he knows how one should be ran and who does what at what age.

Not being able to help on farms will sure keep a lot of kids in rural areas from earning extra money in the summer time.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Our government is totally and completely out of control SuperDave.

This "Occupy" movement is just the very tip of the iceberg my friend.

America is not really that far now from total anarchy as it seems politicians and government are and remain completely clueless!

Anonymous said...

Make boat anchors out of them be good for that with all the dead weight they are.